Thank you for visiting our Internet home. We are immensely pleased to share with you our
vision for women, the arts and West Texas.

Our concept for a premier training center for artistic development and healthful aging was
first conceived by founder and president, Mona Blocker Garcia, many years ago.
Understanding, personally, how stifling life's pressures can be to the creative spirit;
believing that women, specifically mature women, are underrepresented in the artistic
community, Ms. Garcia envisioned a haven for those women — one that provided a
nurturing, protective environment, conducive to the fulfillment of their true promise and

The International Woman's Foundation is headquartered in the beautiful and pristine
Chihuahuan Desert just outside Marfa, Texas, the "new arts destination of the southwest."
The former officers' club and bachelor officers' quarters of Fort D.A. Russell — Building 98
— is being lovingly transformed into Hacienda del Arcon (House of Treasure).

Hacienda del Arcon will be an artist-in-residence home and health center, a. refuge for
artists of all disciplines to create, refine and share their treasured gifts. It will be an all-
inclusive facility with work areas for a variety of visual, literary and performing art mediums.
It will house a theatre, show gallery and conference rooms to provide training and
performance venues for both artists and visitors. Gallery space is now available and art
installations are on-going.

An on-premises spa, summer pool and private club with dining facilities will complement
the experience. A state-of-the-art health center with the most advanced nutrition and
healthful aging therapies will operate in one leased wing of the building. The foundation's
projects will eventually be funded from the private club, health center and artist guest
rooms, making it a fully self-sustaining venture, once it is established.

Our future is very bright and exciting. Our concept is a first of its kind with a blending of art,
the business of art and healthful, anti-aging, medical education.

Please join us by donating generously. Membership levels are available depending on
your personal blessings and desires. Every dollar brings us one step closer to our goal,
and every dollar is genuinely and graciously appreciated.

The International Woman's Foundation, Inc. is a public, non-profit foundation under the
rulings of Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3. As such, all contributions are tax-deductible to
the extent allowed by law.
International Woman’s Foundation
Hacienda Del Arcon  •  705 West Bonnie Street  •  Marfa, TX  79843
Mailing address: PO Bo 445 • Marfa, TX  79843
(432) 729-4826 • fax (432) 729-3391
International Woman’s
A premier training center for artistic development and healthful aging in Texas.
Our Mission

To enhance the
intellectual, spiritual
and physical lives of
women in the arts.
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